Emmanuelle Viguié, Profil

Major clients

Actes Sud éditions; Beaux-arts de Paris les éditions; Culturesfrance; Institut d’Art Contemporain, Villeurbanne / Lyon; La Galerie, Noisy-le-Sec; Les Forums du Champ Lacanien, psychoanalysts’ association; Maison des Arts Georges Pompidou, Cajarc; Museum of Fine Arts of Dôle; Museums of Strasbourg


Born in Toulouse in 1968, Emmanuelle Viguié studied graphic communications at the School of Decorative Art of Strasbourg graduating in 1994 with the congratulations of the Jury.

In Paris from 1995 to 1998, Emmanuelle was engaged successively by: Traverse – advertising agency; Fantôme – production and 3D animated series company; and Ubisoft France –videogame company. She worked on poster campaigns, brochures, corporate identities, packaging and displays. While at Traverse, she was instrumental in the creation the artist Fabienne Verdier’s first catalog for her exhibition at Galerie Joyce, Jardins du Palais Royal.

In 1998, she became a freelance graphic designer working with various communication agencies, including, Lux Modern (Biotherm, Cacharel, DATAR, ETD, Firmenich, Picard) and Tatersfield Minale Design Strategy (Banque Bruxelles Lambert, Sciences Po). Emmanuelle prepared numerous publications, including a catalog, (Gallerie agnes b.) for the artist Éléonore de La Taste.

At the suggestion of Justine Fournier, in 1999, she joined the newspaper Existence!, a monthly newspaper for the unemployed, created by the organization “Ne pas plier” and Gérard Paris-Clavel (ex Grapus). Simultaneously, she participated in the publication of Les Livrets de l’Observatoire, with Gérard Paris-Clavel and Isabelle de Bary. She also co-directed the presentation of Nos Voisins, a newspaper for nine-year old students at the Ecole Maurice Thorez with Isabelle de Bary.

From 2000 to 2005, she occupied an artist’s studio in Ivry-sur-Seine with Justine Fournier. Together they produced publications for ADIL (Departmental Agency for Housing Information), CGU (insurance group), and Lancaster (beauty products).

In 2001, after meeting with the artist Philippe Cazal, she began working in the field of art and literary publishing under the signature STUDIO EV/PC. She moved to Toulouse in 2005. Since September 2011, she is providing computer classes for the Department of Art History / Applied Arts at the University of Toulouse Le Mirail.